IBM, Apple Release 100th MobileFirst App

IBM announced the creation of the 100th MobileFirst app, a series of enterprise-grade apps created in partnership with Apple.

With 48 apps released in the last month, the companies have now completed the goal they set when they first partnered last year.

According to a release, the MobileFirst apps currently span 14 different industries and 65 individual professions, such as first responders, flight attendants, nurses and retail buyers. There are also plans to expand into new markets including consumer products, automotive, aging and chemicals and petroleum.

The apps combine the aesthetics/UX of Apple with IBM’s analytics and big data, or so they tell me.

Looking forward, many MobileFirst for iOS apps will incorporate integrations with IBM’s cognitive computer Watson, says Phil Buckellew, IBM’s VP for enterprise mobile. Watson will help vendors parse natural language processing, and understand the personalities of users in order to fathom the needs of both employees and customers.

“Another thing for folks not to lose sight of is security. It’s going to be critical. All these forms of mobile engagement need security” -- especially as more businesses move towards cloud-based products and services, says Buckellew. IBM is well known for security; Forrester recently recognized the company as a leader in enterprise mobile management.

The form and function partnership fits right into Apple’s vision for the iPad Pro as an enterprise device, outlined in its latest annual wear-jeans-and-talk-tech new product announcement party. IBM is developing apps for the iPad Pro that will take advantage of the device’s capabilities.

It will be hard for other vendors to compete with these two powerhouses.

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