Cheeky Predictions For 2016

First week of 2016, and while there is a lot to look forward to this year and a lot to reflect on from 2015, you only have one chance to predict things.  I took a cheeky view of trends and predictions this year.   As Oprah says, “ Cheers to the new year and another chance to get it right.”  Hopefully these will make you think about what’s coming near-term and how our world is changing around us.

4th of July will kick off Christmas holiday season in 2016.   Each year the season seems to start earlier and earlier — to the point where many won’t even take down their Christmas lights.   The importance of this prediction is, most will need to think about email marketing earlier, which means discounting could have deflationary impacts if not managed carefully.

iPhone launches new self-shopping phone.  In 2016, your phone will do even more for you and will be far more proactive than waiting on you to make a decision.   — will buy things on sale, buy things you are looking for, and will be far more proactive than waiting on you to make a decision. Something has to give with the multiplexed society we live in.



Mass adoption of Drone home delivery by Boomers.   It’s not just convenience, it’s just cute to see little flying machines drop off a package.  Webrooming with wheels is how I can best describe this phenomenon that is happening with one of the most prolific online shopper generations.   Boomers are buying, comparing, shopping online without leaving their couch.  Amazon owns this group.  There really won’t be a reason to get out and shop unless they just need the social experience or a few laps at the mall.  

Retailers mark up “50% off.”    Law of supply/demand reverses, and retailers lower prices just because.  We saw the effects of discounting in 2014 and again in 2015,  and shopping earlier has deflationary effects on spending.  Rampant discounting will continue as consumers are conditioned to discounts, much as they are to free shipping.

Adoption of air keyboards will take off. OK, You can’t have a prediction without some lofty ones.   I saw some really cool air keyboards at several IoT conferences and I can just see a world where any surface or even the air can serve as a keyboard. I can’t see how we live in a world of gestures and thumbs only. There’s a keyboard in all of us, till this new generation takes over the world. What will this do to the inbox?

Marketing departments will be replaced by marketing automation software.  A bit of dark humor, but honestlym the marketing clouds profess they can do everything, so why not completely replace marketing groups with software?  Are we going to move back to a world of “Mad Men,” with creative and copywriters only?   Left brain and right brain need to start having more lunches together in 2016 to fight this off.  I can see a world of assembly-line marketing if we don’t speed up.

Internet of Things will be replaced with big buzz words like “Smart Lives.”   Consumer IoT is growing rapidly. Seriously, in the billions.  So  many devices monitoring and helping manage our lives.  Once this hits the adult industry at scale (his/hers), even your grandmother will get it.

Consumer sell their data to hackers vs. waiting for it to be stolen.  More data will be stolen in 2016 than acquired. Marketing plans will now include risk-scenario planning as a line item.  Consumers are learning the value of their data to marketers, and will expect tighter security -- or businesses capturing data won’t survive or monetize the same way.

Happy new year! Stay fluid.  Cordially yours…

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  1. Loren McDonald from IBM Marketing Cloud, January 4, 2016 at 3:10 p.m.

    Nice post Mr. Baker! I know you were generally having some fun with this, but there are some cool ideas in there ... I think I'll start building the autonomous shopping app ...

  2. David Baker from Cordial, January 4, 2016 at 6:52 p.m.

    Hah.. Thanks Loren... the ideas have more depth than this article can support..  But think hard about them and you'll see the root of where they lead.... in terms of trends and innovations.  Build the app, the machine learning tools are out there, just make it easy for consumers to use it and i think your AI phone could do alot of your task work for you... :).. tied to IoT devices of course...

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