VR At CES: More Real, But Also A Bit Sureal

As virtual reality becomes more of an actual reality, there was virtually no shortage of it on display at CES.

Based on some of the sets I viewed, the quality of the immersive experience is now quite high.

But aside from what happens inside, as individuals at CES wore any of a number of VR headsets, those outside that world indeed got a totally different view.

While the people wearing the headsets (often with headphones) moved their heads around as part of a 360-degree experience, onlookers only got to see the person with head and ear gear gyrating around in public. And at CES, it was very public.

Interestingly, watching the people experience VR in the large halls of CES became somewhat of a spectator sport, as crowds would gather and simply watch a person experience VR.

So for many CES attendees, VR has gone mainstream, since they now have seen it happen all around them. Even if they never actually saw VR.
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