Equinox Fitness Launches Lifestyle Brand

Equinox, the upscale lifestyle brand, is launching an online magazine.

Furthermore” debuts Jan. 20 and focuses on reframing and redirecting the fitness and luxury style content category. The publication will include advertising and is geared toward the upscale, fitness-focused demographic in a high-end wellness environment.

In 2011, Equinox launched Q blog, housed within The evolution into “Furthermore,” marks the brand’s move to a self-sustaining editorial and advertising publication. 

Wellness is now at the center of the cultural conversation,” said editor in chief Liz Miersch.

“Smartwater is our launch partner, and our goal is to work with a handful of likeminded brands each year and develop true editorially based partnerships with each creating custom content series and integrating physical activation components inside and outside the walls of Equinox clubs,” Miersch tells Marketing Daily. “We will offer category exclusivity and focus on creating deep, authentic partnerships with each brand.”



Equinox looked at the editorial landscape and felt there was wide open space in the area where true fitness science is married with an elevated, premium aesthetic, she says.

“The Equinox brand had and has every right to own that,” she says. “That's what the brand has set out to do since the beginning: change the perception of what fitness and wellness can be.”

The brand is targeting “high-performance” people.

“The person who believes bettering the body is the first step to achieving everything they want in life,” Miersch says. “They're well versed in fitness, nutrition and regeneration, but are always looking for more.”

The target readers want the edge on the competition, she said.

“They want to know more than their friends and be the one at the dinner party leading the conversation on health and wellness, Miersch adds. “They have an insatiable desire to go further -- to want more. Hence the name. It's a combination of that strong ethos of our reader and a nod to the elevation of the category. “

Equinox operates 77 upscale, full-service clubs in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Dallas, Houston and Washington, DC, as well as international locations in London and Toronto. 

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