Study: Pay TV Consumers Believe TV Everywhere Isn't Free

More than half of pay TV consumers that know about "TV Everywhere" believe it would be an additional cost from networks or pay TV providers.

A study by Hub Entertainment Research says 54% believe that TV Everywhere isn’t free, and 53% say they never use it because they didn’t know the capability existed.

TV consumers must be subscribers to a traditional pay TV service -- cable, satellite, or telco -- to access TV Everywhere digital apps/platforms. More than 90% of U.S. TV homes subscribe to such services.

Those who use TV Everywhere apps/platforms have high rates of satisfaction, with 73% saying that TV Everywhere “makes them feel more positive about their TV provider.” Another 84% of frequent TV Everywhere users say they will continue to subscribe to their pay TV provider a year from now -- as compared to 66% of those who don’t use TV Everywhere.



Hub notes that TV Everywhere TVE is delivered across a variety of apps and sites -- from networks and pay TV providers -- all with different interfaces and standard for availability. Because of this, half of viewers (49%) say this extra layer of complexity stops them from using TV Everywhere.

The 2015 research from Hub Research surveyed 1,202 US TV viewers with broadband, ages 16 to 74.

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  1. Peter Fondulas from Hub Entertainment Research LLC, January 20, 2016 at 7:26 a.m.

    As one of the authors of the study, I wanted to add a point of clarification here about the suggestion that Pay TV customers "believe TV Everywhere isn't free". The question related to this topic in our study was designed to understand why some Pay TV subscribers don't use TV Everywhere. The 54% cited here is actually based on a specific subset of Pay TV subscribers--those who who have never used TV Everywhere. And what those 54% of non-TVE users said was that they've never used TVE because they "assume it costs extra" (over and above their normal monthly payment). We consider that an important barrier to TVE adoption, but we didn't want to leave readers with the impression that a majority of Pay TV subscribers in general don't realize that TVE is included as part of their service.

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