Twitter Taps AmEx Exec Berland For CMO

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced in a tweet today that American Express executive Leslie Berland would be the social platform’s new CMO.

“Welcoming @leslieberland to Twitter! She will join as our CMO to help tell the stories of our iconic product!," tweeted Dorsey.

The appointment comes directly after a shakeup in management, as five executives took their bows yesterday, including senior vice president of engineering Alex Roetter, vice president of human resources Skip Schipper, vice president of global media Katie Stanton, senior vice president of product Kevin Weil, and Vine general manager Jason Toff. 

At American Express, Berland is currently EVP of global advertising, marketing and digital partnerships. Anthony Noto, Twitter’s chief financial officer, previously managed the marketing at Twitter.

Twitter has been floundering in the markets since Dorsey returned, though the social service has had problems almost since its IPO. So far, it appears that the public doesn’t feel confident in Twitter’s ability to monetize and expand its user base.

According to Reuters, shares of the company were down 1.9% on the New York Stock exchange this morning. The market still appears to be making up its mind about Berland’s appointment, but a quick glance seems to show a mitigating effect on the drop yesterday.

Regardless of Twitter’s ability to turn its public image around and stifle the critics, analysts believe it’s going to be a long slog for the company’s stock prices.

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