Instagram Taps Ex-Twitter Exec To Head Product

Kevin Weil, Twitter’s former VP of product and one of the executives that left the company this past weekend, is reportedly going to be the head of product at Instagram.

Though some rumors about the group being kicked out swirled around Twitter’s executive shakeup, this report corroborates Jack Dorsey’s statement that all of those who left offered their resignations.

Instagram is a direct competitor of Twitter’s, having once been considered for acquisition by Twitter in 2012. it was eventually bought by Facebook and has since swelled to more than 400 million monthly active users—more than Twitter.

According to some reports, Weil had planned his departure to Instagram for months, and his responsibilities have been scaled back in preparation for his departure.

Per an SEC filing, Weil will remain with Twitter until the 29th. His official start date with Instagram is unknown.

Several of those executives that announced their departure on Monday had more than five years at Twitter under their belts. The news caused Twitter’s stock to take a small dive, though it rebounded slightly with the news that former American Express exec Leslie Berland would come on board as CMO.

Jason Toff, Twitter’s head of Vine, said he would be leaving for Google.

In the shuffle, Twitter has also gained two as-yet unnamed board members, though some reports have hinted at a “high profile media personality.” The board has been criticized in the past for being insular and driven by company insiders.

That, plus a revolving door for jobs, has forced the company to look outside itself for new talent to stem a major brain drain.

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