Snapchat Sells Ads For Super Bowl 'Live Story'

While broadcast TV ads will likely remain the obsessive focus of marketers during the Super Bowl for some time to come, digital channels are getting in on the action too, capitalizing on their ability to aggregate audience reactions to live events. For this year’s upcoming Super Bowl 50 (yes, they’re going without the Roman numeral this time, probably because “L” looked weird) scheduled for February 7, Snapchat is selling ads for brands that want to appear as part of its “Live Story” for the event, according to Sport Techie.

Snapchat has already signed up a number of big brand advertisers for its Live Story, which will bring together contributions from Snapchat users to create a single, over-arcing social media narrative for the year’s biggest sporting event. Brand sponsors will include Pepsi, Amazon, Marriott, and Budweiser, with each reportedly spending sums “somewhere in the low seven figures” for short video ads interspersed in the Live Story.

For comparison, CBS is selling 30-second TV spots for around $5 million – and the Snapchat sponsors will presumably benefit from much greater relative exposure on that channel, since there are only a handful of them for the whole game. Currently at least 35 brands are planning to air broadcast TV ads during the Super Bowl, compared to just four for Snapchat’s Live Story.

On that note three of the advertisers – Pepsi, Amazon, and Budweiser – are buying ads during the broadcast and on Snapchat, presumably with complementary messaging. Like CBS, Snapchat is splitting the revenue with the NFL.

Back in September Snapchat struck a deal with the NFL to provide social media coverage of NFL events through its Live Stories, creating original content and sharing ad revenue. The NFL has also been posting content to Snapchat from its own accounts.

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