Scripps' 'List' Makes Digital Syndication Deal On OwnZone Platform

The E.W. Scrips Company announced today that it has made a digital syndication deal with for its original show "The List."

Under the agreement, segments from "The List," is a 30-minute, segmented news magazine that reports on viral videos and trending pop-culture topics. It will have their own dedicated OwnZones channel.

The show is produced by the Scripps station group and currently airing on 15 of its own stations. OwnZones offers customized digital, subscription-based platforms for content creators and owners.

OwnZones subscribers will be able to access an inventory of four seasons of "The List" segments, free of advertising. The List has produced over 800 episodes of short-form video segments.

The deal represents how adaptable segmented, short-form shows like "The List" are for online platforms, as opposed to long-form digital programming.

"This show is ideal for syndication,” stated Brian Lawlor, senior vice president of the Scripps broadcasting division. “The ability to segment it for digital distribution demonstrates the program's flexibility and opportunities for mass appeal across multiple platforms."



 “With our focus on providing customized distribution services, OwnZones is an ideal platform for companies like Scripps that are seeking new ways to reach digital audiences with their original content,” stated Dan Goman, CEO of OwnZones.

Also a content aggregation service, the company provides over-the-top (OTT), streaming, subscription video on demand (SVoD) and mobile networks to its users.

The E.W. Scripps Company is one of the country’s largest independent TV station owners; it also runs video news services like Newsy.
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