Sports, Entertainment Ads Get Best Mobile Completion Rates

Media-tech company RhythmOne released its 2015 Mobile Benchmarks report Wednesday, showing that mobile audiences favor ads with sports, entertainment or travel themes.

Those three categories took the top spots in RhythmOne's ranking of 2015 advertiser categories by video completion rate (VCR). 94% of mobile watchers who began watching sports and fitness ads finished the ads; 92% finished entertainment (DVD release) ads, and 91% finished travel ads. Both retail and financial services ads had 89% VCRs.

Chuck Moran, VP-marketing, RhythmOne, said in an email that the top VCR categories came from industries that have taken the lead on developing advertising content that's experiential and entertaining.

"It's a good takeaway for brands outside these industries to focus on creating compelling content from the consumer perspective -- that is, entertaining, informative and shareable," Moran said.



The findings, an extension of a report the company released last September, looked at RhythmOne’s U.S.-based mobile campaigns from 20 advertiser categories and five ad formats: interactive in-stream video, mobile rich media, in-stream video, mobile full page and interstitial video.

RhythmOne operates RhythmMax, a programmatic platform that connects advertisers with audiences across devices.

Other findings include:
-- The highest completion rates were claimed by mobile-rich media, at 94%, and interactive in-stream, at 87%.
-- Mobile full-page ads drive high engagement on tablets, with 14% engaged with the unit in a meaningful way. Meanwhile, mobile rich-media units are ideal for driving engagement on smartphones, with an 11% engagement rate.
-- Top categories for engagement rates were professional services, books and magazine, entertainment (feature film release), financial services, entertainment (television tune-in) and restaurants/quick service restaurant. 
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  1. Anni Paul from BoscoSystems, February 25, 2016 at 1:02 a.m.

    It might take a few years, but I would venture a guess that one day in the near future, virtual reality ads might make the cut when it comes to rounding up the most effective or engaging types of ads avalable to consumers in the digital age. Google, VirtualSKY, Facebook, and others are banking on this to become a mammoth market and they are getting their ducks in a row to capitalize on the opportunity.

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