Snickers Satirizes Retouching In 'SI' Swimsuit Issue Ad

In the latest in a seemingly endless series of creative takes on its “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, from BBDO New York, Snickers' ads for this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue are spoofing the dubious practice of making scantily clad female models look perfect.

The back-cover ad (shown) features a tanned, bikini-clad model with a perfect shape in a perfect beach setting. 

Well, not quite perfect. A closer look reveals a disembodied third hand resting on her right shoulder. Then there’s her oddly misplaced belly button. (And those are just two of nearly a dozen mistakes.)

The ad’s minimalist copy says it all: “Photo retouchers get confused when they’re hungry.”



Snickers also took the hugely popular issue’s inside back cover, where another variation on the gag is on view. 

That ad shows a different gorgeous, bikini-clad model in the beach setting, this time being painfully besieged by what looks like a sandstorm. 

Copy: “Wind machine operators get loopy when they’re hungry.”

This year’s ads are follow-ups to the brand’s much buzzed-about back-cover ad on last year’s SI swimsuit issue. That one used an image of a supermodel transformed (no doubt in part through retouching) into a Medusa-like monster by a ferocious case of hunger.

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