Digital Streaming: Chromecast Gains; Apple TV Leads Overall

In the race for digital streaming devices, Google’s Chromecast continues to making gains on industry leader Apple TV.

Google’s Chromecast took in 35% of the 42 million streaming units sold in 2015, while Apple took in around 20% and Roku and Amazon Fire around 15% each, according to Strategy Analytics.

Apple still leads overall with close to 37 million Apple TVs.

Chromecast now has around 27 million units since it began selling the device in 2013, Strategy Analytics analysis says Chromecast's low price of $35 is contributing to that growth.

Roku has 20 million units in the market, while Amazon Fire TV is at less than 10 million.

All connected TV devices -- smart TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles and digital media streaming devices -- totaled 220 million in 2015 sompared to 84 million in the fourth quarter of 2015.

In U.S. broadband homes, there were an average of 2.3 connected TV devices, Strategy Analytics says.

Smart TVs comprised 54% of all connected TV device in 2015 -- 120 million units. Samsung, LG and Sony had a combined 50% share of the smart TV market.



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