Choozle Launches Programmatic Targeting Tools

Denver-based programmatic ad platform Choozle announced it's launching account-based targeting tools, including CRM (customer relationship management) matching and IP addresses targeting, to enhance programmatic targeting.

Choozle's clients, which include companies in retail, finance, medical, hospitality, insurance, universities and political institutions, can use the automated CRM matching feature for audience insights and consumer profiles on desktop and mobile, using offline data to inform online targeting. Choozle's IP targeting feature matches an IP address to a physical address, allowing for highly targeted display and video ads to the building-level.

In the conversation via email below, Choozle CEO and co-founder, Andrew Fischer talks about the new account-based targeting tools, as well as the client feedback that led to their development. 

Real-Time Daily: How does this announcement build on your product offering?

Andrew Fischer: Building our intuitive and scalable product offering, the addition of CRM matching and IP targeting provides marketers a simple and self-service option to execute sophisticated insights and targeting for their digital advertising campaigns. 
RTD: What kind of feedback did you receive that led to these new tools?

Fischer: We are always striving to create a comprehensive platform that consolidates the tools needed to execute a digital advertising campaign. Many of our clients have asked about leveraging their current email lists and other CRM files to inform and optimize their digital marketing efforts.  

RTD: What is most innovative about these tools?

Fischer: Choozle is now the first platform to seamlessly integrate CRM onboarding/matching with the core DSP (demand-side platform), DMP (data management platform) and ad creation tools common in many platforms.

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