Ooyala Video Index Shows Programmatic Transactions Up 160% In Q4 2015

Last year, the number of deal-ID transactions, or prearranged trades sold programmatically, increased from 10 million in Q3 to 26 million in the fourth quarter, according to Ooyala’s Global Video Index, representing a 160% increase quarter-over-quarter. 

Total mobile plays grew 35% in the past year and 170% since 2013, the report found. Jim O’Neill, principal analyst at Ooyala, said in an email that TV is changing, and as viewing behaviors shift, ad dollars will follow suit.

In addition, the report found that mobile phones and tablets combined now represent 46% of all online viewing globally, up from 34% in Q4 2014. Will this trend continue? O'Neill said there's no question it will continue to grow, and that -- although the growth has begun to slow -- it will continue at a good pace, especially as more emerging markets get more over-the-top content.

For Latin America and Asia, he added, mobile will be the first screen. And the pace will accelerate again as "trailing millennials" (or  18- to 24-years-olds) and digital natives become more of an economic force, O'Neill said.



Other highlights from the index include: 

-- Tablets made up 14% of mobile plays, up from 12% in Q2 and Q3. And tablets made up 22% of all overall mobile video views in Q4 APAC (Asia-Pacific), beating the global average by 3%.
-- Singapore leads APAC in mobile viewing, spending 55% of its online viewing time on smartphones and tablets, followed by Australia  with 53%; Japan with 50%; Indonesia with 49%; and South Korea with 47%.
-- The total share of long-form viewing (10 minutes or longer) on connected TVs steadily grew to 74% last year, representing 72% annual growth.

Ooyala's global index report tracks the viewing habits of over 220 million users around the world. Find the full index here.

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