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Multiple Devices Expected To Work Together

At the Bluetooth World conference in Santa Clara on 15 March, Wayne Piekarski, a senior developer advocate for Google, said he believes the next big push in the Internet of Things is “orchestration,” meaning multiple connected devices aware of each other working together. “When you walk in your home, the lights come on and coffee machine goes on,” Piekarski said. “People don’t want to control a single light bulb, they’re going to work with multiple devices, which means working with multiple manufacturers.” At the moment, users of connected devices have to buy one product and download its application. However, according to Piekarski, the Mountain View company wants to decouple that “so that some app developer can write the app but the device doesn’t have to be made by the same company.” Piekarski said that is the reason why the company is working with smart home platforms such as Brillo and Weave.

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