Privacy Concerns Will Ease; But Home Data Storage Looms

Privacy issues will get easier for marketers -- and consumers. A snapshot of a bit of history shows this will probably occur.

Speaking at OMMA San Francisco, Alan Chapell, principal of Chapell & Associates, predicts by 2021 privacy issues will ease if consumers “see value in the utility and they think there is reasonable chance data is not going to be abused”.

Privacy from new consumer media devices/products has always been lightning rod -- initially.

Back in the 19th century, Eastman Kodak developed the first consumer camera -- and some people were up in arms. Many newspaper editorials were worried about the device and privacy. Some called for restrictions of its use, like that on public beaches.

While some privacy issues will abate, other privacy concerns will rise over home storage of data, says Chapell. Some of this is already occurring in Europe and overseas, concerning processing of data outside some territories. Home storage of data could grow worldwide.

Chapell says “there is a direct and long term business consequence to this, and will become a much larger issue over the next five years."

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