IAB Releases LEAN Scoring Roadmap, Will Develop Algos By Q4

The IAB’s tech lab this morning released a “product roadmap” for a scoring methodology for its LEAN initiative designed to create better consumer experiences that mitigate some of the reasons for them to block digital ads.

The LEAN (an acronym that stands for light, encrypted, AdChoice-supported, non-invasive ads), scoring framework is intended as more of a “guide” for creating better consumer experiences than an industry standard.

Here’s how the IAB lab outlined the 2016 roadmap for developing the scoring method:


  • Formalizing the process of onboarding data and criteria

  • Starting the public discussion about initial guidance

  • advertisement


    Completing initial user experience testing


  • Onboarding data and criteria from publishers, marketers, and agencies

  • Iterative publishing of LEAN scoring criteria

  • Next phase of user experience testing


  • Create LEAN scoring algorithms

  • Publish initial findings and recommendations for rolling out LEAN scorecard

  • Present 2017 LEAN scoring roadmap
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