Gold'n Plump Crows About Being Antibiotic-Free

Consumers are concerned about the additives that go into their food, and are demanding more information about them. (Even some cleaning products companies are getting on the bandwagon to promote ingredient checking.) Among the things consumers are concerned about: antibiotic use in livestock.

Having recently been declared 100% antibiotic free (and received an American Humane Certified label to prove it), Gold’n Plump chicken is crowing about its status in a new marketing campaign that uses humor to convey its serious message. 

“Although we’re seeing more brands going with 'no antibiotics,' we’re going all the way from egg to chicken,” Rory Bidinger, brand marketing manager for Gold’n Plump, tells Marketing Daily. “That’s a huge difference that’s tied to what consumers are looking for, according to our research.”



Soundtracked with a jaunty instrumental violin, the ad (form agency Haberman in Minneapolis) features the brand’s “Mom Squad.” This time the moms take on “Unwanted Stuff.” Things that are unwanted include: toys scattered all over the floor, kids screaming for their attention and antibiotics in chicken. These are juxtaposed with things that are wanted: including toy storage bins, silence and Gold’n Plump chicken. The spot ends with the tagline, “Good chicken is our mission.”

“The Gold’n Plump brand has been able to stand out with a little but of tongue-in-cheek and fun [messaging],” Bidinger says. “The Mom Squad has been a way to get the message out. It has a little bit of fun, but it's serious in tone.”

In addition to the television commercial, the campaign will include print ads, digital pre-roll, radio and a mobile game, “Defend Good Chicken.” The campaign will run through the summer, with a focus on grilling products coming in June.

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