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Navigating 'The 1%': Keeping And Managing Programmatic In A Transitional Period

Automating digital media trading can make operations more streamlined and efficient, but we’re only at the start of the game with programmatic ad management, according to a report in PerformanceIN: "If you believe the current hype, programmatic advertising management is the holy grail to maximizing your ad impact in a multi-channelled digital world." The report goes on to say that programmatic ad delivery enables marketers to focus their ads on specific target audiences and to customize them accordingly. "On the surface, it is a really exciting prospect and one publishers and clients alike have been crying out for. But the big temptation is to run and grasp every new technological feature available, without working out how or where it is going to fit in the business strategy." However, programmatic digital display advertising in the U.K. accounts for just 8% of total media expenditure, as reported by Theorem. The figure falls to 1% if you look at marketing communications spending more broadly. The report points out that while programmatic may be growing rapidly, the use of programmatic techniques to manage display advertising spend is still likely to be relatively small. 'When you put these figures in perspective, it’s clear we really are at the inception of programmatic advertising management, despite what some technology vendors may have you believe."

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