Programmatic TV's arrival? When a broadcast network sells scalable national TV inventory

True programmatic TV? Just wait until at least one national TV network gets with the program.

Speaking at OMMA Programmatic, Luke Kigel, director of media & connections, Americas, for Johnson & Johnson said:

"Until we can buy television at scale, broadcast television at scale; until I can buy ABC nationally, segmented against an audience based on their behaviors, with customized messaging, executed in real time, then everything isn’t programmatic.” 

Kigel went on to say companies like NBCUniversal are starting to do this. He touted Linda Yaccarino, chairman of advertising sales and client partnership at NBCUniversal for her upfront remarks.

“I applaud Linda Yaccarino and her team,” says Kigel. "At the very least what they are doing is putting a line in the stand, making a statement about the future of their business. In part they are doing it by combining all of their entities [TV networks and platforms] into one upfront [selling process]. That was a bold move for them.” 

He says this will lead to building out programmatic TV inventory.
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