BlueHornet Partners With PowerInbox For Contextual Email Marketing

Email provider BlueHornet announced a partnership Tuesday that integrates PowerInbox’s DynamicMail and RevenueStripe solutions into its platform to boost email marketing engagement and ROI. The deal aims to deliver contextually relevant emails in real-time. 

PowerInbox’s RevenueStripe is a content discovery and recommendation engine that provides email marketers with personalized content for each subscriber, while DynamicMail allows marketers to incorporate contextual and real-time elements into email messages.

Examples of contextual elements include tickers, forms, video, scrolling images, animation, social media, weather and countdown timers, which are all populated in accordance to a subscriber’s behavior, time zone and geographic location. The content of the email marketing message in question changes in relation to a subscriber’s contextual situation has soon as the email is clicked.

“Marketers are turning to their trusted email partners, their ESPs, for tools that take relevance to the next level with dynamic, personalized content updated on the open," states Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox. “Integrating with BlueHornet demonstrates our shared belief that real-time content capability should be delivered seamlessly within the email platform for maximum results with minimum hassle.”

BlueHornet marketers will now be able to leverage PowerInbox’s email solutions via the BlueHornet interface for ease of use. The integration also allows for marketers to easily use BlueHornet’s advanced segmentation and automation features in conjunction with PowerInbox’s personalized email campaigns, as well as BlueHornet’s real-time data analytics and benchmark metrics.

“PowerInbox has proven its leadership in contextual marketing, enabling email marketers to significantly increase engagement and ROI,” states Michael Biwer, CEO, BlueHornet. “Strategic partnerships like this one are key to driving value faster for our clients and accelerating our solution set. The PowerInbox integration underscores BlueHornet’s commitment to offering leading-edge email marketing capabilities and providing maximum value to our customers.”


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