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The Art And Science Of Programmatic Advertising

  • Adotas, Wednesday, May 18, 2016 6:38 AM
Adotas speaks with John Nardone, CEO of Flashtalking, about the art and science of programmatic advertising. Nardone is asked about his journey to help brands embrace data and technology: "At Modem Media we worked with AT&T to place the very first banner ad on HotWire. More recently at x+1 we helped brands harness their first party date to make consumer interaction more relevant across owned and paid media. In doing so we helped the industry to understand the power of DMPs [data management platforms] and spurred the wide adoption of the technology today. Now, we are really seeing that data has an ongoing, established role in the industry’s best digital ad marketing, powering all media and creative execution." Nardone goes on to say that today, with the science of programmatic in place, "advertisers and their creative agencies are able to return their focus to what is arguably the most important ingredient to better advertising: the art of telling stories with more creative, impactful, and accountable messages."



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