How b.good Is Using Mobile And Social To Scale Business

From Starbucks to Chipotle to Shake Shack, higher-quality quick service restaurants seem to be the wave of the future. b.good, a healthy fast-casual chain, is trying to join that elite list of mavericks with its highly personalized and authentic approach to customer service.

“We’re all about real food, real people, and real experiences,” Jon Olinto, co-founder and Chief Brand & Marketing Officer at b.good, told attendees at OMMA Video, on Thursday.

Among other quirks, b.good calls its customers “family members” -- or, at least, once they have signed up through various channels. “It’s all about activation,” Olinto said. Regarding customers, he said: “We’re trying to make you loyal [and] trying to make you a word-of-mouth ambassador.”

Not surprisingly, Olinto sees the future of b.good as incredibility mobile. In fact, from the first quarter of 2015 through the first quarter of 2016, mobile activity has grown 275%, according to Olinto.

Going forward, that will translate to “better data and more [marketing] opportunities.” Among other opportunities, that means identifying the “best” family members, i.e., those who are more involved with the brand, and drive more awareness among their own social networks. “Community isn’t about how much money you spend,” Olinto said. “It’s about involvement.”

Among other metrics, that has translated to more than 20,000 “shares” (of a marketing message) in five months, Olinto estimates.

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