RAPP Global CEO Alexei Orlov Accused of Calling Women 'Fat Cows'

In the seemingly unending parade of misbehavior in ad agencies, this week brings news of RAPP Global CEO Alexei Orlov, who has had a lawsuit filed against him by recently fired RAPP U.S. President Greg Andersen. The lawsuit claims behavior by Orlov that included "sexual and racial harassment, gender and age discrimination, and retaliation for trying to put an end to such injustices.” 

According to the lawsuit, which AgencySpy summed up here, Orlov is alleged to have referred to women as "fat cows," said a Jewish employee was unhappy because he was "miserly with money," pressured an employee who worked on the Pfizer account to get him some Viagra because "he has a young wife," told Andersen not promote a female executive because she was "too pretty" to be taken seriously, defended an LA employee who said he thought a female employee wasn't wearing underwear and told 70 employees in Dallas that "if you mess with my brand or my direction, I will break off your finger and shove it up your ass." 



OK, then. 

In a statement to AgencySpy, the agency said, “RAPP is aware that Greg Andersen has filed a complaint and denies that any unlawful conduct occurred. Mr. Anderson’s position with RAPP was eliminated and we are not able to comment further. RAPP has, and enforces, policies prohibiting discrimination and retaliation on the basis of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other legally protected status.” 

The suit also reads, "He [Orlov] also demonstrated through his comments and actions that he harbored discriminatory animus against women and various racial and ethnic groups." 

Are things getting worse or are more people coming forward to call out this sort of behavior? 


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