Agency Challenges Automotive Brand To Car Race For Chance To Win The Account

New York-based ad agency The Ninety is a "moto-centric creative agency staffed by drivers, racers, brand builders and the originators of the world famous Classic Car Club." In keeping with that positioning and to "give two and four-wheeled brands a creative vantage point that doesn't exist anywhere else," the agency has issued a challenge to automotive brand McClaren. 

The agency, which owns two McLarens of its own, has launched a Web site, We Will Beat Your Agency, on which the challenge reads:  "On Tuesday, June 28th we’ll be at the Monticello Motor Club track with our new McLaren 570s. This is an open challenge. Send any team member from any of your agencies and we’ll race them. Four flying laps. If we win, we get to respond to an RFP. If we lose, we’ll mow your lawn." 

Closing out the challenge, the agency adds: "We’re racing for RFPs. We’re racing for your business. We’re racing to win. Ready for the challenge? Then let us know at" 

In an email, freelance creative director Floyd Hayes, who works with the agency, told me other brands and their agencies are welcomed to join the challenge as well. As long as they are willing to allow The Ninety to pitch their business if they win.



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