OTT: New TV Tech, Big Promise, But Some Old Sales Ideas

Focusing on over-the-top digital TV platforms, there is a lot of future expectation and promise, as well as some old line TV sales thinking as well.

Oleg Korenfeld, executive vp of ad tech and platforms for MediaVest, speaking at MediaPost's TV Insider Summit, says many sellers who come from a traditional TV background are packaging new OTT product like traditional linear TV, and focusing on CPMs, for example.

“As buyers we should be asking for more... talk to them like you are talking about [buying] a digital platform,” says Korenfeld.

In discussion with OTT set-top box based service Roku, Korenfeld says he was looking to drill down to specific consumer profiles -- to the point Roku said there would be little inventory available, where inventory might be sold out.

But Korenfeld says that was fine because it allows media buyers construct technologies where buyers can focus on future more specific OTT deals -- as well as interactive digital-media elements.

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