Conde Nast Launches Spire For Consumer Purchase Insights, Targeting

High-end magazine publisher Condé Nast has joined forces with 1010data, a data analytics platform owned by corporate sibling Advance Publications, to launch Condé Nast Spire, a new service intended to help advertisers target consumers based on their consumption habits and other behaviors.

The Spire service integrates Condé Nast’s own first-party behavioral data, gathered from across its network of sites and affiliates, with consumer purchase data compiled by 1010data to identify and target consumers based on correlations between their content consumption and purchase history.

Spire enables advertisers to create and target “micro-segments” structured around all these characteristics, then produce custom content and optimize campaigns in real time to deliver personalized messages to consumers online. Its capabilities include uncovering connections between consumption patterns in apparently unrelated categories to give a fuller picture of target audiences.



For example, the partners’ proprietary data shows that consumers who watch videos about humor, design and politics were also more likely to be in the market for a computer. By delivering targeted content including recommendations and reviews to this group, advertisers accelerates computer purchases by 25%.

In another example provided by Condé Nast, analytics showed that big beauty spenders under the age of 25 were more likely to engage with spa and travel content, while those 25 and up were more likely to engage with culture and celebrity content. This in turn enabled Condé Nast to adjust its content strategy in order to improve ad performance.

Earlier this year Condé Nast revealed plans for a big increase in programmatic ad offerings, centering on its “Premium at Scale” service, which allows marketers to target CN’s online audiences using demographic and contextual data through an automated interface. The new offerings include custom segments based on the publisher’s own first-party data.

It is also introduced audience extension, with the option of reaching a specific consumer segment with additional reach outside the company’s own network, all executed through a single programmatic buy.

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