How Agencies Can Connect As The Talent Pool Transforms

  • by , Op-Ed Contributor, June 23, 2016

Finding and retaining top talent continues to be a challenge for companies across the board. Gone are the days when a person would spend their entire career with one company; instead, employees today are looking for rich experiences that go beyond tenure, title, and compensation alone. The millennial workforce is looking to curate their career—gaining these rich, diverse experiences across multiple companies and sometimes even multiple industries. 

So what can companies do to meet this changing workforce where they are? Is this simply a new age talent crisis or an old age problem? 

In a discussion hosted by Publicis Media and LinkedIn at Cannes, top industry leaders examined the talent transformation that is taking place, and what it takes to create a culture that stands apart in business—all with the goal of keeping top talent engaged, inspired, and productive. Here are three key ways to attract (and keep) the best talent in the business. 

Opportunity for growth

The newest generation of employees is motivated by opportunities to sharpen their skills and grow both professionally and personally. One of the best attributes of talent today is their ability to be curious and their desire to learn more—their desire to understand the ‘why’ when it comes to a larger plan or project for the company. Professional development opportunities can no longer be considered a ‘perk,’ rather, they are a requirement when it comes to engaging talent. 

Meaningful work

Millennials go into a job with a purpose—both their own and the company’s. Companies that have a clear mission are instantly more desirable to top talent today. Employees want to know that there is a larger purpose to what they’re doing and how they are spending their time. And to not only contribute, but also be recognized regularly for their contributions, is something that is extremely important to them. 


Increasingly, the millennial workforce is looking to be part of a company that offers diversity across the board—diversity in people, experiences, projects and approaches. Top talent today understands that thinking and doing things in one singular way, including the way that it’s been done for years, is no way to make progress. Today’s workforce is more concerned with results—what they were able to accomplish—and they know it takes all types of bold ideas to achieve that.

As companies work to align their business practices in ways that work for both parties, attracting and retaining top talent can become a less-daunting task—and, you end up with team members who are motivated, inspired, and ready to do their best for your company. 



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