White Ops Receives MRC Accreditation For Detecting Invalid Traffic

WhiteOps, a provider of cybersecurity services for the detection of online fraud, on Thursday said it has received accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its  Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) detection function. WhiteOps’ SIVT function  detects and filters general and more sophisticated invalid ad impressions.

The MRC accreditation was based on a review of White Ops' SIVT Detection function specifically within the context of White Ops' FraudSensor service, which identifies invalid impressions across desktop and mobile measurement of display and video. Similar SIVT functionality is built into White Ops' other core services as well.

This first-of-its kind accreditation certifies White Ops' SIVT Detection function and SIVT impression measurements comply with the MRC's Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research, the MRC's Invalid Traffic (IVT) Detection and Filtration Guidelines, and applicable industry digital measurement guidelines by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

The MRC has also accredited White Ops for its standards compliance in its measurements of the volumes and percentages of General Invalid Traffic (GIVT), in addition to Gross Impressions, Incomplete Loads, Decisions, total Invalid Traffic (i.e., the sum of GIVT and SIVT), Net Impressions, and Valid Impressions.



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