The 15 Companies Millennials Most Want To Work For

Though Millennials might be changing the workplace culture (and causing workers from other generations strife), they’re also highly desired employees. A 2014 study found that companies with 30% of young employees in higher roles saw "aggressive growth," and those with 21% and under showed “no/minimal” growth. But where do they most want to work? In our most recent monthly survey, we asked 800 18-33 year olds to tell us the company they’d most like to work for to find out.

Even those respondents who didn’t name a particular company told us a lot about Millennials’ workplace preferences and values. One 20something wrote, “The one that pays me for vacationing, spending time with my family, and doing what I want.” Other responses included: “One that makes their employees feel valued,” “One that I can work from home,” “One that helps the homeless,” and, “One I'm happy at.” Clearly, having flexibility and a job with purpose/meaning are top of mind. 



But the majority of Millennials we surveyed had a particular company they’d most like to work for in mind. Here are the 15 places that Millennials would most like to work: 

1. Google

2. Apple

3. Disney

4. Non-profit/charity

5. School/community/university

6. Hospital

7. U.S. government

8. Myself/my own company

9. Amazon


11. Microsoft

12. NASA

13. ESPN

14. Nintendo

15. BuzzFeed

Millennial favorites Google, Apple, and Disney made the top three spots. Having tech companies in the top two spots makes a lot of sense. In the same monthly survey, 61% of 13-33 year olds told us they would rather have a job in the sciences than the arts. This desire is reflected throughout the list, with hospitals, Microsoft, NASA, and Nintendo falling in the science/tech spectrum. 

Interestingly, working for themselves made the top 10, though we know this ideal isn't necessarily something the majority are willing to take a risk on. Overall, 49% of 18-33 year olds say they would rather have stability working for a big company than risk losing money starting their own, and 26% say they wish they could start their own company, but are not willing to take the risk, leaving 25% who say they plan to start their own company someday, even though it's risky.

Who just missed the list? National Geographic, Tesla, Boeing, Facebook, GE, Marvel Comics, Southwest, Space X, United Nations all received multiple mentions, but not enough to make our main ranking.

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