Digital Influencers for Brands: How far should they go?

Digital media influencers needs to be invested in brands -- but not too much.

“We actually believe what we are talking about,” says Joanna Franco, co-creator, Shut Up and Go, in speaking at OMMA LA, about her content efforts around brands.  Franco says “that’s what we did with AT&T.” She says influencers needs to be invested in the brands.

Concerning influencers, Tyler Starrine, associate strategy director of Huge says:  “You need to give them access to the brand.” For example, she says, that means letting them have the ability to ask questions. Starrine says the wrong approach is to “just hand them a brief.. or a press release.”

But there are limits when it comes to frequency of influencer content with brands. Mandana Mellano, chief media officer of Fallon, worries about seeing too many influencer posts like “six different things in four days. Is that authentic?”
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