FanDuel Updates For The Coming Fantasy Season

After a year of tumult and scrutiny of the fantasy sports betting world, FanDuel is ready to begin the football season with a new look, a new customer experience and a new attitude. 

The brand update includes a completely redesigned Web site and logo with new features and site improvements. The company is also launching a new season-long fantasy product and a users’ “Bill of Rights” intended to keep players informed of the company’s commitment to them. 

“As everyone knows, 2015 was tumultuous for the industry. We began making real material changes to the business to answer our user's concerns,” company CEO Nigel Eccles tells Marketing Daily. “We took a long hard look at our brand, and knew that we needed to change how we presented ourselves in order to reflect our corporate identity, speak to sports fans and pave the way for future success.”

The redesigned Web site and logo highlight a new blue color scheme and a more user-friendly layout across all platforms, Eccles says. The logo, which is three pieces that form a shield, are intended to represent the three pillars of the company (a level playing field, fun and excitement and supporting and protecting players). The “Bill of Rights,” meanwhile, is intended to demonstrate to users that the company has heard — and is understanding of — their concerns, Eccles says. 

“We have been implementing new policies and protections since last year, but were never great at telling our user base about the protections in place,” he says. “We wanted a simple, digestible means of letting our users know that we've heard their concerns, we are committed to providing the best fantasy experience and are accountable for your experience.”

Finally, FanDuel will support all of these changes with a new marketing campaign that highlights the emotional experiences — camaraderie, competition and excitement — of fantasy sports, as opposed to the potential winnings one could take home from the contests. 

The new outlook is highlighted via a video on the redesigned site. The video asserts FanDuel is “fantasy sports for every fan,” highlighting qualities such as “passion,” “excitement,” “hope,” and “thrill.” To illustrate those ideas the company has come up with the term, “Sportsrich.”

“The new marketing campaign will begin running online this month, with commercials coming later this month,” Eccles says. “It's going to resonate with your every day sports fan. We're really excited about it. “ 

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