'Forbes' Teams With Oracle Marketing Cloud To Increase Ad Revenue

Forbes Media will use Oracle’s data analytics and management platform to help its advertisers increase audience reach and engagement.

Oracle’s data analytics will allow Forbes to work with ad partners to develop custom segments. The company’s technology helps the publication target consumers across all channels and devices to create personalized experiences.

Forbes will use Oracle’s management platform to analyze its core user base and to provide advertisers with data about the audience their campaign has reached.

"The Oracle Marketing Cloud provides us with the tools we need to expand and customize our advertisers' experience on our site and to offer marketers deeper insight into the performance of their digital campaigns,” stated Mark Howard, CRO of Forbes Media.



Howard said Oracle’s technology will allow Forbes to provide advertisers with “a level of analytics that was previously unachievable."

In a statement, the company alluded to the revenue problem publishers are facing. It cited free content, an increase in the number of publishers and an “explosion” of channels like social and video as contributors to the “competitive landscape” in the publishing industry.

“These changes have forced publishers to rethink how they work with advertisers to reach and engage audiences,” the company said.

Andrea Ward, vice president of marketing at Oracle Marketing Cloud, noted that the technology will increase both the advertisers' and Forbes revenue streams.

In an internal memo sent to staff last week, Forbes CEO and executive chairman Mike Perlis said approximately 80% of their ad revenues came from digital. In the first half of 2016, digital ad revenues from BrandVoice, Forbes’ native ad product launched in 2010, increased more than 50%.

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