sWheat Scoop Introduces Mittens The Kitten

sWheat Scoop is introducing Mittens the Kitten, its first brand spokeskitten in order to get noticed in the competitive cat litter arena that is primarily dominated by huge brands. 

Developed with agency broadhead, the creative borrows from pop culture and memes by leveraging cats and hot guys. 

The Field Of Gold spot, for instance, is set in a "dreamy world" featuring a cute kitten and attractive wheat farmer as he extols the benefits of the cat litter.  

The campaign will include three pre-roll videos on YouTube, along with a longer sponsored video. There will also be a social branch of the campaign through the brand's Facebook and Instagram channels. These quirky, surreal messages are designed to appeal to younger viewers. 



This campaign represents a pivot for the brand as it creates a focal character for its messaging. sWheat's two most recent campaigns were focused on cats in general. 

 “Kittens and hotties entice our target audience the most," says Pam Mariutto, vice president and executive creative director at broadhead. "We created a character that gets away with talking about cat litter while grabbing their attention, swiftly spinning consumers’ perception from dumpy to dreamy."

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