Dietz & Watson Launches First National TV Spot

After 77 years, deli meat company Dietz & Watson (D&W) is launching its first national TV campaign. 

Developed with its agency, Allen & Gerritsen (A&G), the creative supports D&W’s antibiotic-free product line Originals with a voiceover describing the quality of the products over images of a family enjoying sandwiches. 

The tagline states "when it comes to family, every detail matters." The talent in the ad consists of a real family, which nods to D&W’s commitment to authenticity and its roots as a family-owned and operated company, says the agency. 

"When we put out a casting call, we asked for a mixture of real families and casted families," says Lauren Eni, VP brand strategy, Dietz & Watson. "We thought it was important to see both options to see how the interactions between the members happened. We wanted whatever family we casted to feel authentic and have natural interactions with each other while filming, especially since children are involved. We closely watched the differences between staged families and real families, and there really was a difference in how they behaved with each other and with the camera so the real family was the obvious choice." 



The media buy underscores Dietz & Watson's business growth, they say. The 30-second spot runs across the Scripps channels and the content from the spot will also be utilized in digital and social media. Plus, D&W has partnered with sites including Allrecipes and Evite to create additional content. 

"What started as a local Philadelphia company has since become a national brand, and it made sense to have a spot that represents the company and what it stands for that can live in both established and emerging markets," says Eni. "And a television spot allows the company to tell a better story than a billboard or print ad can."

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