Marriott Targets Millennials With Content Series

Hotel brand Marriott is developing a six-part content series targeting Millennial career women.

The company tapped Create & Cultivate, the online movement and national conference series, to develop the content series "Create & Innovate." It will be featured on the Create & Cultivate Web site. 

The series will spotlight the hottest female entrepreneurs in a broad array of industries and offer tips on the must-see and must-do locales in cities across the country, expanding travelers’ minds and tapping into their creativity. Create & Cultivate will also conduct select social media takeovers of Marriott’s platforms where they will share more of the Create & Innovate messaging.

The first installation in San Francisco features Angela Tafoya, managing editor at Lonny and Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson, creative director of Afar Media. Marriott also held a separate offline pop-up extension at the Beverly Hills Marriott on Aug. 26 with Katherine Schwarzenegger (author and the daughter of actor/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger and broadcast journalist Maria Shriver), TV personality Vanessa Simmons and up-and-coming CEOs of travel startups such as Away luggage and El Camino travel.



Create & Cultivate’s one-day conferences have been held in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Brooklyn and other locations. The conferences offer in-depth panel discussions, workshops, and one-on-one mentor sessions covering digital marketing, content strategy, venture capital and beyond. 

Featuring influential speakers like Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, Nicole Richie, Sophia Rossi, Hillary Kerr, Katherine Power and others, the conference has amassed a following in a sought-after demographic of 90% female, age 21-35, with an annual median income of $75,000, and a purchasing power of $405 billion in spending per year. 

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