Global Social Media Trends

The Salesforce Advertising Index report, authored by members of the Advertising Studio product marketing team at Salesforce, summarizing some of the trends in the growth of Social Media, notably Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, shows that in the e-commerce industry, Germany has the highest Facebook CTR (Click Through Rate) at 1.62%, followed by the United States at 1.54%, as Global Facebook CPM  (Cost Per Thousand) grew 65% year-over-year to $6.33, with a global CTR of 1.29%.

Continuing the report, with support from wider Salesforce teams, Global Instagram shows that CPM was $6.30, growing 42% quarter over quarter, Twitter CPM fell 18% year over year, and Global LinkedIn CPM for Q1 2016 was $29.43.

Trends at a Glance According to the Report

Performance by Country

Canada and France experienced the highest growth in Facebook CPM with over 130% growth since last year, followed by the United States, which grew 74% year over year. Australia had the highest CTR at 2.02%, followed by Germany at 1.67%. The United Kingdom and Germany had increases in CPM year over year at 44% and 46%, respectively.

Media Performance

Q1 2016


CPM YoY Growth %






















United Kingdom




United States




Source: Salesforce Advertising Index. September 2016

Trends by Industry

In Australia, advertisers in gaming and retail saw the highest Facebook CTR at 2.71% and 2.70%. However, CPM for the gaming industry reached AUD $9.54, whereas retail CPMs were less expensive at AUD $8.99. In the United Kingdom, the entertainment industry had the lowest CPM at £1.21, with the highest CTR of 2.14%. In the United States, retail led in CTR at 2.50% but had the second lowest CPM at $5.37.

Global Instagram Trends

Instagram is growing as fast as ever, reaching 500 million users in June 2016, says the report. With 80% of these users living outside the United States, the platform is growing its global footprint, according to the report. The global Instagram CPM for Q2 2016 was $6.30, rising 42% quarter over quarter. The United Kingdom increased by 6.4%, a much lower growth rate than Australia and the United States.

Global Twitter Trends

According to Twitter’s Q2 2016 earnings report, 40% of its quarterly revenue was from international markets. Total advertising revenue was $535 million, rising 18% worldwide year over year.

In Q2 2016, the global Twitter CPM fell 18% year over year to $4.29. From Q1 2016 to Q2 2016, CPM fell 38% from $6.93. Last year, the third-quarter CPM was lower than Q2. A major change since last year, though, is the switch to Twitter video ads by advertisers, says the report.

Global Twitter CPM

Promoted Tweets


2015 Q2


2015 Q3


2015 Q4


2016 Q1


2016 Q2


Source: Salesforce Advertising Index. September 2016

Global LinkedIn Trends

The LinkedIn Q2 2016 earnings report, says the report, shows that revenue from its Marketing Solutions increased 29% year over year to $181 million, and that over 60% of that revenue was from Sponsored Content. The demand for ad inventory on LinkedIn has grown, as have media costs for sponsored content. LinkedIn continues to be a premium platform for advertisers, as its CPM rose 13% year over year, reaching $29.43.

N.B.The advertising data in this report covers hundreds of millions of ad impressions and engagements by Marketing Cloud customers using the Advertising Studio platform from April 2016 through June 2016, as well as comparative data from past periods. This includes advertising on Facebook Audience Network, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn across the globe. This aggregate data in no way represents any official position of Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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