T-Mobile Takes Over Radio With DJ Promo

T-Mobile used on-air radio jocks nationwide Friday to promote its new T-Mobile One plan.   

The so-called “DJ Lock-In” campaign--said to be a first--was conceived and executed by Katz Radio Group and T-Mobile’s media shop, Optimedia, part of Publicis Media.  The effort included nearly sixty DJ’s on different stations in almost every Top 40 market across the U.S. for 13 hours last Friday.  It was designed as an innovative way to evolve T-Mobile’s ongoing relationship with them. 

Although "copy points" were given to the personalities on how to talk about the promotion, many of the DJ’s have been longtime endorsers of T-Mobile and chatted about their personal experiences with the wireless phone marketer. 

These radio personalities supported their on-air comments with the hashtag #DJsunlimited. 



“T-Mobile is one of our biggest advertisers and continues to take their advertising to new levels — they are very innovative partners,” said Christine Travaglini, President of Katz Partnerships with Katz Radio Group. "As longtime endorsers of T-Mobile, our radio personalities have a genuine connection to the brand and with their local listeners, providing an ideal platform for T-Mobile to emotionally connect with consumers — further reinforcing radio’s tremendous value in the media mix.”


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