Programmatic Learnings: Determining Value Everywhere

Speaking at OMMA Programmatic event, George Musi, senior vp and head of analytics & insight of Optimedia, says future programmatic deals need a lot more effort -- especially when it comes to determining value in key areas.

Musi says it starts with the media agency as a “trusted advisor”.  

“The agencies have to go down this path and evaluate everything unbiasedly and then provide counsel,” he says. “When integrated with multi-touch algorithm attribution, it will create this value in the middle. It will value the message, the medium, the channel, the consumer and the environment.

He says many efforts fall short when not accounting for all of these things.

And it doesn’t stop there. He says every study he has seen successfully pushing consumers to take action includes one hard to quantify area -- word of mouth. “[Word of mouth researcher] Keller Fay can do it. But how do you integrate it in a model or a digital attribution model? Not easily; but necessary.”

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