Ad-Supported, Free TV Tops Other Platforms

A majority of TV consumers say they prefer free, ad-supported TV over other platforms -- but with fewer commercials and ads more relevant to their interest. 

A study from Hub Entertainment Research says 53% prefer free, ad-supported TV, with 40% preferring a monthly/yearly subscription and 7% preferring to pay for individual shows.

Research came from 1,206 U.S. consumers in August 2016 with broadband, who watch at least five hours of TV per week. 

When it comes to online TV programming, 44% associate content with limited or no advertising; 17% anticipate they will see the same amount of advertising; and another 17% expect to see no advertising.

TV commercials still appear to be an inconvenience. Nearly 70% delay live viewing to be able to skip through commercials; 83% say they fast-forward through commercials “most” or “every time.”

When asked what would make them pay more attention to ads, having one advertising break had the highest score, 9.3. (4.8 was the average score among 21 advertising options).

Ads that are more relevant to consumers interests also tallied a high number: 8.1.



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