Etsy Sellers Gain Direct Access To Google Shopping Campaigns

Etsy is rolling out a new dashboard in its marketplace that will allow sellers to run Google Shopping campaigns.

It has been a daunting process for sellers that just want to manage the creative and commercial parts of their business, not marketing and advertising. They often need to create an account and product feeds, ad groups, product targets, and conversion tracking. And once campaigns are live, inventory must be refreshed, bids updated and budgets optimized continually.

Sometimes it's more than some of these creative artists want to do, Maxwell Tang, a product manager on Etsy’s seller services team, wrote in a blog post.

Etsy's Advertising Dashboard now allows sellers to purchase Google Shopping ads directly from their account. "We know that many Etsy sellers who would like to expand their advertising efforts have found the process to be daunting," Tang wrote. "To be successful advertisers, sellers would not only need to learn about the digital advertising ecosystem and understand how the various ad products work, they would also need to invest a huge amount of time into setting up a campaign."

Etsy will allow sellers to opt in and select a daily budget. The site takes care of the rest, including ongoing bids and inventory optimization. Google manages campaigns to optimize results monthly, rather than daily, per the site, which means Google could exceed average daily budgets by up to 20% on any given day.

The Google Shopping Ads are one more advertising option for Etsy sellers who previously also had the option to run Promoted Listings on the Web site. Promoted Listings, which uses a "sealed bid generalized second-price auction system" to determine the cost of the placement of the ad, helps get items in front of interested shoppers by placing listings higher up in related search results.

These ads either are managed manually or by Etsy's bid management system that automatically optimized bid selections. In the auto-bid system the bid can change at any time, but sellers can set a maximum bid for the listing. 

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