Recruitment Agency Chastised For Running Ad Specifying Bra Size

OK, OK -- a recruitment agency isn't technically an ad agency, but they do run ads to fill positions so, in a way, they are an ad agency. Sort of. Hey, just go with it. It's a slow news day here. Anyway, London-based recruitment agency Matching Models placed an ad for a personal assistant.

The ad, which sought a personal assistant who could double as a flight attendant on the client's personal jet, defined the perfect applicant as one who possessed "a classic look, brown longhair with a b-c cup."

The reason? As explained by Matching Models Founder Nathalie Jansen, “The client who wants the specific cup size is an older gentleman - he has a specific outfit he designed with Christian Dior … and he wants a lady with a smaller cup size to fit into the outfit."

Right. So none of you DD cup ladies may apply! How rude!

Deriding the Matching Models ad, Sam Smethers, founder of the women's rights group Fawcett Society, said: "It is extraordinary that they are taking this approach and almost certainly falls foul of equality legislation. If we ever wonder why the battle for gender equality hasn't been won, this is a timely reminder."

Rebecca Hilsenrath, CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Commission added: "If they wish to maintain their reputation, they should act like a business in the 21st Century and consign this type of sexism to the history books."

Perhaps explaining its sentiment on this sort of approach to advertising, the Matching Models Web site reads, It is almost politically incorrect to request someone to work for you that is both attractive as well as professionally equipped with the right set of skills. However, our company understands the importance of having the right people representing your company, because after all, first impressions count!"

Only "almost politically incorrect.”



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