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Dri-Fit Makes Case For Store-Brand Products

Deserved or not, many private-label products are perceived as having a lower quality or being constructed out of inferior ingredients. First Quality Consumer Products, which makes the inner workings of several store-brand incontinence and feminine hygiene products, is looking to raise awareness that its product is scientifically advanced. 

The company launched its first marketing campaign this week with an online video and a redesigned website illustrating that its Dri-Fit products have serious scientific innovation behind them. Products containing the technology will include Dri-Fit’s logo.

“This campaign aims to educate consumers about the unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers found within products with the Dri-Fit logo, with the goal of building further consumer recognition of the Dri-Fit  logo and increasing knowledge related to managing consumers' microclimate,” a First Quality representative tells Marketing Daily

The video takes a subtler approach, showing how Dri-Fit products fit into a family’s life throughout their life. The video begins with a father hastily delivering a maxi pad to his teary teenage daughter at a school dance. They share a bonding moment through a shared signal that continues as the father takes his daughter to college (and she meets her emo roommate), through the birth of her first child, moving into a new home, and finally when he moves in with her as an elderly man. Throughout these scenes, the product is subtly worked in (such as reaching for an adult pants liner while on the way to a grandson’s graduation, or when the father moves into his room in his adult daughter’s home). “When change feels tough,” a voice over suggests. “Just remember it’s natural.” The spot concludes with the tagline, “Feel more natural.”

“The campaign video takes an honest approach to the changes in life that are often most difficult, whether a first period, first child, or first incident of incontinence,” the representative says. “By rejecting the trope of smiling couples walking on beaches and instead highlighting realistic experiences, the video is designed to resonate with our core consumers by focusing on these relatable experiences.”

The campaign is targeted at women over 35, according to the rep. The video will live on First Quality's website, and will be promoted through its social channels, as well as through paid advertising on channels such as Buzzfeed, WebMD, Pandora and Good Housekeeping through the end of 2016.

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