Newspaper Round-Up: How Trump's Victory Was Covered

After nearly every poll predicted Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election, the media was stunned Tuesday night when it became clear that Donald Trump would become the 45th president of the United States.

Newspapers across the country slapped bold headlines across their front pages -- both online and in print the following morning -- to call the race, expressing shock, awe and confusion now that Trump is the president-elect.

The New York Times led with: “Trump Triumphs / Outsider mogul captures the presidency, stunning Clinton in battleground states.”

The Wall Street Journal: “President Trump / Populist surge lifts Republican to triumph.”

In D.C., The Washington Post: “Trump Triumphs / Voter scorn for status quo propels upset of Clinton.”



National paper USA Today: “President Trump / In stunning upset, billionaire candidate scores White House victory.”

Business publication Bloomberg proclaimed: “Donald Trump Elected Next U.S. President.”

Forbes wrote: “Decision 2016: Trump Wins The Presidency.”

In L.A., The Los Angeles Times led with: “Donald Trump Wins The Presidency, Claiming Victory After Unorthodox Candidacy”

In New York, The New York Daily News, which was heavily critical of Trump throughout the campaign, chose a cover image of an upside down American flag, with the words: “House of Horrors / Trump seizes Divided States of America.”

The New York Post wrote: “President Trump / They said it couldn’t happen.”

Both New York magazine and The New Yorker went with simple, direct headlines. New York magazine featured a photo of Trump in shadow, with the words “The Unthinkable.” The New Yorker, with no holds barred, went with: “An American Tragedy.”

As for digital sites, The Daily Beast headline read: “How We’ll Stand Up To President Trump”

The Atlantic: “Donald Trump’s Stunning Upset.”

The Huffington Post proclaimed: “Nightmare, President Trump.”

The Nation, admitting the media's confusion, wrote: “Everything We Thought We Knew About Politics Was Wrong.”

The Blaze led with: “Trump Stuns The Swamp, Wins The White House.”

Quartz, laying blame to Clinton, wrote: “How Hillary Clinton Blew It.”

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