Agency Runs Out of Ideas, Lives With Family For A Week to Re-Kindle Creativity

In apparent response to the sad fact that ad agencies in general have completely lost touch with reality and the basic needs of basic people -- OK, maybe that's an overstatement but still -- one Italian agency plans to go live with an ordinary family for a week to, you know, re-connect with reality and, ideally, rejuvenate their creativity.

The agency, Le Balene, has launched The Voghera Housewife, a project which will have creatives concepting from within the family's home and livestreaming any and all shenanigans from their Facebook page. The project's name is derived from the phrase's use to describe an average, typical, middle class person who has a good work ethic.

Le Balene, which hatched a project last year that had the agency walk over 125 miles to make a client pitch, will, for a week, reside in the home of Michela, a housewife living in Voghera. Michela has a daughter, Alessia, a cat named Righetta and a husband named Fulvio. Le Balene will make Michela's home their office for the week. Any and all work that comes from Le Balene during their stay will have the final stamp of approval from Michela. 



As part of the stunt, the agency seeks a manager to join the crew. Anyone interested can join the fun and apply by emailing the agency .

Check out the campaign video here

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