BIZ DEV: The Republik Wins Organic Transit

Organic Transit is naming The Republik as its first-ever digital agency of record for the manufacturer of the ELF (Electric, Light, Fun), an enclosed, three-wheeled, pedal-powered, solar-assisted vehicle, capable of speeds up to 20 m.p.h. on battery alone, or 30 m.p.h. with pedaling. There was no review or incumbent agency. Selection was managed by Organic Transit director of marketing Maureen Costello based on prior project work.

The agency will oversee marketing and website development responsibilities in support of two strategies: individual and fleet sales.

Messaging for individual consumers will target affluent 35-70-year-olds living in either urban or retirement communities. Creative for fleet buyers will be aimed at sustainability officers, recreational directors, security and maintenance departments at either college or large-site corporate campuses.

First work under will debut in Q4 2016.

The $8,400+ priced devices weigh about 160 pounds, can carry up to 550 pounds and get the equivalent of 1800 miles-per-gallon. More than 750 ELFs are now in use and all are manufactured in the U.S.



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