Agencies May Find This Partnership Between Branded Entertainment Network and Producers Guild Very Interesting

Product integration platform Branded Entertainment Network has formed a partnership with the Producers Guild of America which will provide BEN Clients with brand integration opportunities in film, television and new media. By year's end, BEN will have managed 5,000 brand integrations.

Of the partnership, BEN CEO Gary Shenk said, “With the changing advertising and marketing landscape, brands are increasingly looking at product integration opportunities in top entertainment properties to reach their targeted audience. By working closely with the PGA and its producers for the third year in a row, BEN successfully brings to life what we call our ‘consensus triangle’ where the needs of global brands, content creators, and audiences are seamlessly met.”

PGA National Executive Director Vance Van Petten added, "For Producers trying to navigate and fund their productions during this current explosion of media distribution opportunities, the PGA's partnership with BEN provides unique value and broad access."

And now for a little data point. According to a recent Ipsos study, 86% of marketing professionals believe audiences are influenced by the brands they see integrated into content mediums and that product integration is an effective way to reach target audiences.



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