Spark Expands To Mac

Mac users have a new email application to help manage their inboxes during the busy holiday season, as Spark announced the availability of its email client on Apple computers Wednesday. 

First launched in the summer of 2015 for mobile devices, Spark is a free intelligent email application featuring a host of inbox management services to help users keep track of important emails.  

Spark’s email application is built by Readdle, a business productivity app creator based in Folsom, CA. Additional iOS productivity applications powered by Readdle include Documents, Scanner Pro, Calendars 5 and PDF Expert2.  

Spark’s mobile application prioritizes inbox management to “ultimately help you to get back the time email has taken from you,” writes Denys Zhadanov, voce president of marketing at Readdle, in a blog post announcing the news.



Spark’s smart inbox feature highlights the most important emails by automatically categorizing incoming mail by group. For example, all marketing promotions might be listed under the “newsletters” category.

Quick reply tools are available, such as requesting a sender to follow-up with a phone call. Spark also allows for more than one email signature, and will recommend the correct one to display when an email is being drafted. Emails can be snoozed for later, and the new email client can also be synced with the mobile iOS service to maintain inbox version control.

Users can create an inbox layout that suits their needs. Email notifications are also customizable, using Spark’s smart notifications feature, to be alerted when any important mail is delivered.

Spark is compatible with any email address, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and iCloud. Available integrations include Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive and Evernote. Spark on macOS is also compatible with the MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar feature. 

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