Organic search: A big missing data piece of the puzzle

Missing one of those big pieces of search data?

Speaking at MediaPost Search Insider Summit, Mike Gauld, vp/director of search for DigitasLBi, says for him its: “Organic search data -- from a keyword standpoint.”

He says his agency works with a number of Fortune 100 brands where over 50% of traffic comes from organic search and where only 10% to 15% comes from the homepage.  That said, he says: “Having paid search data; having every other data point we possibly can, has been a great proxy -- in a certain way.”

Owen says: “But at the end of the day none of the big attribution platforms take into account that someone searched on this organically-- and then did x or y activity. That data is no longer available to any of us.”

He adds: “I’d love see platforms -- although we can’t make that direct tie --  help us utilize paid search data that in some way says ‘we know that is traffic is coming to your pages.’”

“There was a 50% chance that this conversion that you just got to this page was probably from a non-branded organic search.”
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