Lego Launches 'Lego Life' Social Network For Kids

Ah, sometimes it’s nice to write about something that’s not evil. Lego has always arrayed itself among the legions of the good, often with funny little helmets, and this week brings another piece of non-threatening, creative news: the launch of a new social network for kids under the age of 13, called “Lego Life.”

According to the Danish toy company, Lego Life is intended to provide a kid-safe environment where young Lego builders can show off their creations, share ideas, and connect with other builders – all without exposure to the creeps, trolls, and mean teenagers who have turned the broader Internet into some kind of haunted house/meth lab built on a cesspool.

The Lego Life app, which sort of resembles Instagram, allows users to post pictures of their creations, like and comment on posts using Lego emojis, with all content strictly policed by an automatic filters as well as human moderators employed by the company. They can also follow other users and interact with profiles for famous Lego characters like Lego Batman.



Lego Life will help drive engagement and encourage interaction between users with special building challenges. There is an advertising angle, but all the ads appearing on the network will be for Lego products; this includes different areas devoted to the brand’s specific product lines, e.g. Star Wars or Batman.

Meanwhile parents can rest easy, as Lego Life accounts don’t share any personal information: profiles don’t have any photos of users, just images of Lego figurines as avatars, and profile names are randomly generated word combinations. In order to join, parents must confirm their children’s accounts by email. Users can modify uploaded images with emojis and stickers, but no text comments are allowed (except in response to official Lego posts).

Lego Life is currently available for iOS and Android, but a Web-based version of the social network is also in the works.

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  1. Stan Valinski from Multi-Media Solutions Group, January 31, 2017 at 4:55 p.m.

    Brilliant Idea and big props to Lego for fostering and maintaining a safe enviornment for kids under 13 venturing into social networks, especially first timers.

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